Monday, December 17, 2007

Cuban Revolucion Restaurant & Bar

Esto si es de alquilar balcones. Despues de casi medio siglo del horror del comunismo en Cuba un restaurant abiertamente lleva el nombre de ese engendro fumandose la isla de Cuba. Es curioso que nunca se manifiestan o surgen en esta gran democracia restaurantes como "El Klu Klux Klan" con un logo linchando a un negro, o "El Nazi" con la efigie de Hitler quemando a los Judios. Siempre nosotros, los cubanos, en nombre de la tolerancia, tenemos que aguantarlo todo. !Manda!
Lo demas si se diera el caso, serian encausados por crimenes de odio, en el nuestro tenemos que permitirlo porque es "Libertad de Expresion"
?Puede alguien, por favor, explicarlo?

Ver Propaganda del Restaurant Cuban Revolution apretando aqui

proud to announce the opening of our second location... on Providence's West Side in Olneyville at 60 Valley Street. We are located at The Plant, a mixed-use residential, office and retail community in the revitalized Mill District of Providence.

We can seat in excess of 100 patrons and have plenty of free parking in our courtyard and across the street. Free internet access is provided for our customers. Our kitchen is open late every night until close. To order takeout
or to make reservations at our Valley Street location, please call

11 am to Midnight - 7 days a week

Our DownCity location is at 50 Aborn Street (at Washington Street) across from Washington Trust Bank and next to Gracie's Restaurant. We are a short 2 minute walk from our original location. We can seat 77 patrons and have free internet access. Our kitchen is open late every night until close. To order takeout or to make reservations at our DownCity location, please call 401-331-8829.
11 am to 1 am - Sunday thru Thursday
11 am to 2 am - Friday and Saturday


Providence Business News


Original location on Washington Street in Providence
In less than six short years, the Cuban Revolution has established itself as an icon in the Providence restaurant scene and our reputation now extends far beyond Rhode Island.

The Cuban Revolution is much more than a place
to find great food at a great price with great atmosphere. We honor the revolutionary spirit of individuals who struggle against tyranny and oppression, fight big government and corporate greed, while giving their lives in the fight against injustice -- where ever it exists.

We provide a spirited counter-culture environment reminiscent of a 1960s coffee house with the passion of a Latin beat. We promote individual freedom and challenging the status quo.
Original interior on Washington Street in Providence

We honor those who have fought in the name of revolution.
And we openly question the sordid history of US policy and the
economic embargo directed against Cuba and its people.
Our food, decor and the music you hear are specifically selected to set the stage for a return to an era when challenging the norm was the norm, when individual expression was rampant, and the zeal and promise of revolutionary Cuba filled the air.
Borne of a desire to rid Cuba of the US supported dictator Fulgencio Batista who ran Cuba as a Mafia-controlled "Latin Las Vegas," the Cuban Revolution was a popular rebellion of the masses led by the charismatic Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Athough it’s primary goal was to rid Cuba of decades of corporate and political corruption fueled by the heavy hand of American imperialism,
it sought to restore basic human rights and an identity to a beautiful land of proud and distinguished people completely independent of the corporate interests of the United States.
Although we sympathize with those whose lives may have been horribly disrupted by the Revolution, we blame a failed and misguided US policy that for decades supported the tyranny of Batista while allowing the Mafia to run wild... notwithstanding the subsequent failure of the US to embrace the Cuban Revolution and the US historical inability to support an independent and vibrant Cuba.

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