Saturday, March 28, 2015

Embullate Al Gore...

Me parece una buena idea para el futuro. Lo unico que no entiendo es por que estan pidiendo donaciones particulares. El gobierno tiene fondos para ese tipo de energia "verde" por trillones. Donde estan los millonarios de la industria del calentamiento global? Embullate, Al Gore y Compañia.....andele pues! Que mejor verde que las turbinas oceanicas. Put your money where your mouth is!

If you ever wanted to help save the planet but didnt know how, here is your chance to make a difference! We are turning the natural flow of the ocean into clean renewable...

Friday, March 27, 2015

Muere en la Habana, Sharon Rice Vaughan

Muere en la Habana, Sharon Rice Vaughan, 73, fundadora de Women’s Advocates in St. Paul. Un Carro la atropello en una calle de la capital.
Sharon Rice Vaughan, a national pioneer from the Twin Cities in providing safe haven to battered women, was run over by a vehicle and killed while visiting Cuba this week, a family member said Thursday

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hay amores que matan.

Naturally, the media decided to play “gotcha” with GOP presidential candidates and ask them if they agree that Obama doesn’t love America. As usual, GOP candidates panicked and ran away from Guliani’s statement.
Well, I have the perfect answer to that question. Scott Walker are you listening?
The answer is:
I believe Obama loves America…the same way Castro has loved Cuba for the past half century. And I believe Obama loves America the same way Hugo Chavez loved Venezuela…the same way Stalin loved Russia…the same way Ho Chi Minh loved North Vietnam…and the same way the Socialist presidents of insolvent, bankrupt European Union countries like Greece, Spain and France today love their country.
When Rudy Guliani said he thought “Obama doesn’t love America,” it set off a media firestorm. You know, those same fine ultra-liberal Americans now running the mainstream media who, while in class with me at Columbia University, cheered the assassination...

Extraños en la noche

It has been a strange few days for U.S.-Cuba relations that are meant to be on the mend.
First, the two sides emerged from surprise talks in Havana on Monday with nothing to say about progress toward reopening embassies after more than a half-century hiatus. U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Roberta Jacobsen returned to Washington as quietly as she arrived.
It has been a strange few days for U.S.-Cuba relations that are meant to be on the mend.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Nueva encuesta: Lo que habia publicado en FB anoche.

La version de Bendixen en ingles...
Benenson is a Democrat-leaning polling group, which has also done work for New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, a Cuban-American Democrat and vocal defender of the embargo.

(Reuters) - A new national poll shows a bipartisan majority of American voters support the Obama administration's new Cuba policy and would like to see an end to the...
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Lo que no dice Nora Gamez....

Anoche puse esta noticia con unos comentarios, de los cuales comparti esta mañana uno con la periodista del Herald.
Para Nora Gamez los factores no cuentan. Con solamente decir que el fundador de la encuestadora Berenson, Joel Berenson, ha sido asignado como "estrategista" de la campaña presidennciial Hillary Clinton 2016, la encuesta se va al piso por su propio peso..Ese dato imprescindible lo obvia Nora Gamez, para no decir que lo oculta. Lo mismo paso con Hillary cuando corrio en el 2008. Sus encuestadores del team Hillary/08, eran Penn y Bendixen. Dos ideologos del Partido Democrata como los son ahora Joel Berenson y Robin Mook. Pero no solo son encuestadores de Hillary, sino de Bill Clinton y Barak Obama. Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres....
Una mayoría de votantes, tanto demócratas como republicanos, apoyaría levantar el embargo a Cuba, según indica una encuesta nacional realizada por las firmas...

La hija del general que capturo al Che Guevara.......

Bolivia’s first woman general, daughter of Che Guevara nemesis
AFP . La Paz | Update: 09:22, Mar 10, 2015
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Bolivia has named its first woman army general, the daughter of the military commander who led the final operation against Che Guevara, the state news...


Nuevo Accion da en el blanco.
La hipocresía, la falsedad y el doble estándar de la gran...

10 escandalos de Hillary Clinton.

10 Scandals Involving Hillary Clinton You May Have Forgotten

Hillary Clinton has been involved in scandals before. Here are some notable ones you may have forgotten.
Chinagate - The Clinton-Gore campaign in 1996 allegedly took bribes from Chinese banks and their government to help their dwindling poll numbers. The Chinese embassy in D.C. helped siphon funds into the DNC. Secretary of Commerce Rob Brown (who was killed in a plane crash), at Hillary’s instruction reportedly sold seats on department trade missions to China. Joint congressional hearings were canceled after Democrats threatened to bring up Republican campaign issues and then Monica Lewinsky actually saved this scandal from media attention. 
Travelgate Scandal - Catherine Cornelius, a 25-year-old cousin of Bill's was allegedly promised the position of director of the travel office. Hillary Clinton then (indirectly) fired seven employees from the United States travel office and replaced them with associates from Arkansas. Records were either nowhere to be found or incorrectly filed. And, there's a reported attempt to give a White House airline contract to friend.
“A memorandum by a former Presidential aide depicts Hillary Rodham Clinton as the central figure in the 1993 travel office dismissals, a politically damaging episode that the aide said had resulted from a climate of fear in which officials did not dare question Mrs. Clinton's wishes, wrote the NYT in 1996.”
Whitewater Scandal - Hillary and her husband were partners in a shady real estate development firm called Whitewater Development Corp in Arkansas. Accusations of impropriety against the Clintons and others soon surfaced, regarding improper campaign contributions, political and financial favors, and tax benefits. Clinton’s friends and majority owners,  James and Susan McDougal were jailed for fraud, Clinton's successor, Governor Jim Tucker, was jailed for fraud along with municipal judges David Hale and Eugene Fitzhugh who worked with James McDougal. The Clintons walked away unscathed, having apparently done nothing wrong.
Vince Foster Jr. Mystery - Questions cloud the suicide of Vince Foster, former colleague, friend, and White House aid  of Hillary’s who had connections to Travelgate, and the Whitewater scandals. Read the link above embedded above entitled "The Man Who Knew too Much. . ." 
Filegate Scandal - Craig Livingstone, director of the White House's Office of Personnel Security "improperly" accessed FBI files on several hundred individuals.
Mrs. Clinton called it a, "completely honest bureaucratic snafu."
Many of these files were on people from previous Republican administrations. Hillary Clinton hired Livingston and is alleged to have looked at the files and requested this move. She was accused by Republicans of  violating privacy rights of individuals she viewed as political adversaries.
Cattle-Futures Miracle - Hillary’s first commodity trade was in cattle futures where she ordered 10 futures contracts which normally cost $12,000 dollars with only $1,000 dollars in her account. This turned into $6,300 dollars by the next morning and after 10 months totaled $100,000, with trading help from James B. Blair.
“Blair, who at the time was outside counsel to Tyson Foods Inc., Arkansas' largest employer, says he was advising Clinton out of friendship, not to seek political gain. . ."  reports The WashingtonPost
Robert L. "Red" Bone ran the Springdale, AK financial services company REFCO allowed the trades and later, after investigation, had to pay the largest fine at the time in the exchanges history and was suspended for three years. Hillary Clinton said she was able to make the successful trading because she read the Wall Street Journal for research.
Lootergate - Bill and especially Hillary started to ship White House furniture to their personal home in Chappaqua, N.Y.. The Clintons claimed they were donated, but at only some were proven to be donated and meant to stay in the White House after contacting the manufacturers. The Clintons returned some of the furniture after pressure was put on them to do so.
“GOP lawmakers and others criticized Hillary Rodham Clinton in particular for accepting many presents just before she joined the Senate and became covered by strict ethics rules that prohibit accepting gifts worth more than $50.”
Drug Dealer Donor Scandal - Convicted drug trafficker Jorge Cabrera apparentlymade such a big donation to the Clinton’s campaign that he was invited to the White house without Secret Service present.
Ponzi Scheme and Political Favor Scandal - Norman Yung Yuen Hsu was a convicted pyramid investment promoter, and major Democratic donor. Hecontributed an undisclosed amount to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign. 
“He was sentenced to more than 24 years in prison in 2009 by a judge who accused him of funding his fraud by manipulating the political process in a way that 'strikes at the very core of our democracy.”
Benghazi - Just watch this
Here is an article posted in the New York Times in 1996 entitled “Blizzard of Lies”about Hillary Clinton.
The mega Clinton Foundation is also rife with cronyism and political favors.
For a larger list of scandals associated with the Clintons, check out The Clinton Crime Library