Monday, September 28, 2009

Noticias nacionales: Titulare en Ingles

Another gov't bailout on the horizon? A budget analyst is critical of Congress' decision to bail out the government-run company that President Obama has held up as the model of the "public option" -- the United States Postal Service. POLL: What's your reaction to another bailout?

ACORN may sue over incriminating videos A Texas law firm is prepared to defend an investigative reporter who helped expose the massive fraud at the controversial community activist group ACORN, should it follow through on its threat to sue her.

Planned Parenthood centers closing their doors Several Indiana Planned Parenthood clinics are shutting down after losing state funds.Probe launched into Obama school songAn investigation is under way into why an elementary school teacher decided to teach a group of students a song that praises Barack Obama.

Perspective: Huckabee shows Republicans the way Public sentiment is running against the direction in which Democrats are taking the country. So why isn't the GOP capitalizing on that?

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