Thursday, January 3, 2008

Conglomerado arabe se lanza al mercado de Bienes y raices en Cuba

Dubai's Profile Group agrees to take major stake in Leisure Canada Trading: TSX Venture: LCN
VANCOUVER, Dec. 21 /CNW/ - Leisure Canada (the "Company" or "LCI") is
pleased to announce that the Board of Directors has approved the signing of a
conditional agreement with Profile Investments LLC ("Profile") pursuant to
which Profile and persons associated therewith will acquire 46 percent of the
fully diluted issued capital of LCI as enlarged through the issuance of new
shares to Profile, thereby raising C$15 million. In addition, Profile and
persons associated therewith have agreed to invest US$5 million in the
Company's operating subsidiary, Wilton Properties Limited ("Wilton"). Profile
is a Dubai-based investment company with global interests in real estate
across India, the Gulf Cooperation Countries ("GCC"), Cape Verde and North
Profile Investments is a member of the Dubai headquartered Profile Group
which has substantial interests in Dubai, including projects on the "Water
Front" and the internationally renowned "World" development. Its interests
range from real estate consulting and engineering, design and architecture as
well as partnerships with global real estate sales and development operations.
The Profile Group holds substantial investments in prime properties in GCC
countries, such as the U.A.E. (Dubai) and Oman, and also in Morocco, Europe,
Spain and Cape Verde. In Dubai, its projects include;

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