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October 16, 2009

Last Chance in Afghanistan
If he hasn't already, Obama is about to learn the lesson that President Bush learned in 2007, when he launched the surge in Iraq to widespread skepticism and even outright condemnation - much of it from within his own party. The Presidency is truly the loneliest charge in American public life. In matters of life and death, war and peace or prosperity and decline, the burden of the nation's future weighs heavier on the shoulders of the man in the Oval Office than any other statesmen. And often history hands that man a moment where greatness can only be achieved in the face of the gale-force winds of public opinion and political expediency.
Many of us on the right believe that we have known Barack Obama's ideology for years now. But when he renders his decision on Afghanistan, we will get our first real insight into his character as a President.
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Lindsey Graham Desperately Tries to Become Cool with Global Warming
Do you ever get the sense that Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was the last person to buy bell-bottoms and a Rubik's Cube in 1983 because he thought it might make him cool?
It's sad enough that Senator Graham desperately and perpetually seeks acceptance from the effete media class, using transparent "bipartisan" policy positions as his tool. But his clumsy sense of timing makes it all the more pathetic.
Once again displaying his poor sense of timing and philosophical unseriousness, Senator Graham chose this week to jump head-first onto the wobbling global warming bandwagon. In a New York Times commentary that he chose to co-author with Senator John Kerry (D-MA), he called for... costly global warming legislation. Even more shamefully, he exposed his man-crush on Barack Obama by entitling his piece, Yes We Can (Pass Climate Change Legislation).
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The Baucus Betrayal
President Ronald Reagan famously quipped, "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'" So it goes with health care reform.
This week, the Senate Finance Committee voted 14-9 to pass the so-called Baucus Bill, the latest iteration of ObamaCare in what is becoming a long list of Congressional attempts to reform the nation's health care system. Like its predecessors, the Baucus Bill is filled will excessive tax increases, government mandates and massive federal spending obligations, while leaving tens of millions uninsured. Not to mention that for the first time in American history, the legislation forces every American to purchase government-approved health care or pay a fine. And this is supposed to be the "moderate" approach to "reform?"
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Obama Good for Gun Sales
Interview with Vickie Cieplak, Media Liaison for the National Rifle Association of America
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In which century were the first mandatory vaccination laws enacted in the United States? A) 17thB) 18thC) 19thD) 20th
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JESTER'S COURTROOMTaking Dining and Dashing to All Time Low A Detroit-area man is facing five years in jail after leaving his date in a restaurant and driving off in her car without paying the bill.According to news reports, Terrance Dejuan McCoy was on a first date with a woman when he told her he left his wallet in her car and needed the keys to get it to pay the bill. He then sped off in the 2000 Chevrolet Impala. The woman admitted she did not have much information about her date other than that she met him at a Detroit casino and he told her his name was "Chris." Police used a cell phone message McCoy sent to her, which included his photo and cell number, to track him down. Read more now.

QUOTE OF THE WEEKTony Blankley, Sydicated Columnist, On Economic Recovery, the U.S. Debt and Health Care Reform: "[T]he same Congress and president who want to stop the banks from taking too much risk cannot stop themselves from ever more deficits. Indeed, so intoxicated - nay, hypnotized! - by debt is the current government that it is not even proposing to try to cut back."Last week saw, at the same time: 1) the world shuddering about the debt-driven, weakening dollar ('The biggest story in the world economy is the continuing fall of the U.S. dollar, or at least it is everywhere outside of Washington, D.C., the place most responsible for its declining value,' Wall Street Journal) and, 2) Washington cheering Sen. Max Baucus' health bill spending levels ('Health Care Bill Gets Green Light in Cost Analysis,' New York Times). "That's right. The federal government is 'giving the green light' for the country to drive to the poorhouse. And drive there, I would argue, by way of the lunatic asylum. Are they nuts?"
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