Saturday, August 18, 2007

Signs of the death of Fidel Castro

According to sources inside Cuba, the situation is very tense at the top level. Randy Alonso Falcon, has not hosted the daily TV program "Mesa Redonda" with their frequent guest from the MININT, for 3 days. The sources in Cuba reported that they are in disarray about the death of the tyrant. Ricardo Alarcon factions are struggling. Many high level officers are being detained. The Internet has been canceled in government departments, including the MININT. The telephones of high members of the apparatus has been disconnected. The Mesa Redonda is running in "automatic", showing documentaries without their host or guest. El noticiero is reading in its entirety Las reflexiones del coma-andante with an unusual mood.The Police is in "high alert" in Havana, especially in El Malecon under the "unprecedented" pretense of protecting the people from the prospects of high waves by hurricane Dean. Plans for intimidating dissidents groups not to appear publicly is underway.
The sources emphasize that certain elements in Miami are being "utilized" as "active measures" by Ramiro Valdez. The USA, as this elements proclaims, is not communicating with the "high power" in Cuba, is the other way around by some factions. The news that supposedly was coming from Cuba Friday, has been canceled. They are in the process of announcing it today or in the following days. I guess they have to tie any loose ends left. The beginning of the end.


Anonymous said...

Dear friends , I do not believe it is nessesary to lie about Castro's health please do not give weapons to the dictator to blame Cuban americans of liers and worst things
Please if you do not have some truth to say ;better you close your mouth. You are damnaging our image

Juan Cuellar said...

Dear "friend", can you tell me where I lie in my comments? If you cannot pinpoint it; please, close your mouth. You are dirtying, even more, your image.