Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Primer Ministro Checo discute el caso Cuba

By ČTK / Published 28 August 2007
Prague, Aug 27 (CTK) - Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg discussed the situation in Cuba with a group of members of the U.S. Congress who promote the democratisation of Cuba at a meeting in Prague Monday.

The Czech Republic's critical position towards the totalitarian regime of Cuban leader Fidel Casto is generally known.

At a meeting with Czech ambassadors today, Schwarzenberg said that an emphasis on human rights protection was a priority of Czech diplomacy.

The restriction of human rights in the ever shrinking world is dangerous for international community and the Czech Republic, Schwarzenberg told the ambassadors.

Czech-Cuban relations have been on the freezing point due to Prague's uncompromising position since the Czech Republic adopted a very tough stand on Havana.

The United States has implemented the policy of isolation of Castro's regime for 45 years. The position of Spain, a member of the European Union, is more lenient - it has launched a dialogue with Castro's regime in all spheres.

Schwarzenberg expressed support for the opponents of the Cuban regime before he became Czech foreign minister. In May 2005 he was deported from Cuba after he arrived in this country to meet Cuban dissidents.

In 2006, the Cuban embassy in Prague protested against the Czech Republic's position on the Cuban regime in a note to the Czech Foreign Ministry. In the spring of 2006, Havana and Prague even deported each other's diplomats.

The U.S. congressmen headed by Congressman Albio Sires also met Czech Ambassador to Cuba Vit Korselt today.

On Tuesday, they will visit the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

The congressmen also plan to visit Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) in Prague.

On Wednesday, they will leave the Czech Republic and will travel to Hungary and Poland.

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