Thursday, April 4, 2013

Como me llega lo pongo y como lo puse...pongo.

Como me llega lo pongo: Luego entren a este enlace y vean quienes estan detras de Yoani en los medios de prensa...triste lista e historia....El PLAN...


Posted on Tue, Apr. 02, 2013
Yoani Sanchez brings message of tolerance and defiance

In her presentation at the iconic Freedom Tower, Yoani Sánchez, gave evidence once more that she is an exceptional woman. Hundreds of people were inspired by her and shouted her name repeatedly, as masses acclaim great leaders, “Yoani! Yoani! Yoani!”
As I listened to her, I remembered that in the early 1990s a group of Cuban women and I organized “The Future of Women in a Free Cuba” and affirmed that freedom and the future of Cuba depended largely on what Cuban women would do, both those who lived there as well as those who resided here. It was the time when the fall of communism in Europe gave us hope that Cuba would be free at any moment. In this conference, which was attended by hundreds of Cuban-American women, then-
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  • Juan Cuellar Y lo escribi en el 2007, cuando Yoani abria su blog....Quien vino primero, el huevo o la gallina....POR FAVOR! Me quedo solo con verguenza que con los desvergonzados y desmemoriados.

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