Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cuba: Fotos del desastre robo-ilusionario.

Via Agustin Blasquez See the result, in elegant photographs, what 52 years of Socialism/Communism has done to a once prosperous and advanced country. I recommend viewing these great and artistic photographs. The Republic of Cuba was a developing country which ranked 3rd in standard of living in Latin America and much higher than many European countries. Cuba had the most advanced social and labor laws in America. The Cuban worker was the best paid in the world. Cuba was the second country in the world - after the U.S. - with commercial TV. In 1958 Cuba had six TV stations, one channel with all programming in color. There was one TV set per 25 inhabitants. At that time the population of Cuba was six million. Cuba had free public education from Kindergarten through university in addition of private education of all denominations. Most of the population in Cuba was middle class. There was free health care for the poor in government and charity hospitals. The rest of the population was enrolled in very affordable HMOs which existed since the turn of the 20th century. Cuba was a country of immigrants just as the U.S. The last president of Cuba, from 1952 until 1958, Batista, was black. He was the son of a dirt poor mixed racial couple. He attended a Quaker school in the town of Banes. He was a self-made man who previously had been a constitutionally elected president for 4 years and leaving that post in 1944. On March 10, 1952 he took power in a bloodless coup. For violating the Cuban Constitution he was not forgiven by the Cuban people, even though the economy became very prosperous during his time. He was overthrown after six years by a revolution financed by the rich, upper and some elements of the middle class. The goal was to get Batista out of Cuba so that the country could return to a normal constitutional government. Cuba was very rich and didn't need economic change. However, the opportunity was used by Fidel Castro, a university gangster-con artist. Castro had and has a visceral hatred for the U.S.A. Paradoxically, the U.S. Department of State favored Castro and forced Batista to leave, and recognized Castro's revolution within days. The U.S. extended an olive branch to Castro by offering economic help (read The Fourth Floor by Earl E. T. Smith). However, Castro refused. Cubans wanted a change and got a CHANGE. Castro nationalized and expropriated all industries, businesses big and small, real estate, the news media and schools not only of Americans, but of Spaniards, Jews and other nationalities and finally of all Cubans. As his control extended, he and his minions dismantled Cuba's economic and other infrastructures, fundamentally transforming Cuba from a free, rich country into a basket case-hellhole. After 52 years of Socialism/Communism the result is fundamentally clear in these photographs. Writer Humberto Fontova pointed that "not even Haitians immigrate to Cuba!" Agustin Blazquez *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** From: Jamaicapac@aol.com [mailto:Jamaicapac@aol.com] Sent: Monday, April 11, 2011 5:41 PMTo: jamaicapac@aol.comSubject: THESE PICTURES ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT LAWS. - IMAGES OF CUBA While you watch these pictures and sea food and the rationing tablet ask yourself what happened to the AMERICAN EMBARGO that the Cuban government talks so much about A friend of mine just returned from a photo-trip to Cuba. The images and messages speak themselves. Thought you might enjoy this:https://picasaweb.google.com/Pxel03/CubaHavana2011#slideshow/5592980590910188386

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