Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Rasmussen Report: El 53% dice que ninguno de los dos partidos representan al pueblo noerteamericano.

Most voters think for the first time that Republicans have a plan for the future, but they remain more divided over whether the same is true of Democrats. However, more voters than ever believe neither party represents the American people.  Read More 
77% Oppose More U.S. Help to Bail Out Europe 
Americans agree Europe's economic problems are worsening but feel more strongly than ever that the United States should do nothing more to help its longtime allies recover.  Read More
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Noon Eastern: Election 2012:  North Carolina President

1 p.m. Eastern:  18% Say Now Is A Good Time to Sell A House In Their Area

3 p.m. Eastern:  43% Would Vote for Candidate Who Only Raised Taxes on Rich  

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