Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Glenn Beck al dia

March 30, 2011 Cass Sunstein's wife 'has Obama's ear'The NYT ran a feature article on Cass Sunstein's wife ('Still Crusading, but Now on the Inside') that explains how this former activist is now part of the President's inner circle when it comes to foreign policy. She's allegedly the voice who pushed the President into 'kinetic military action' with Libya. Glenn explains why the most dangerous man in America's wife is…well, dangerous. Get the details from radio today.Chevy Volt fails to start during car showNot only does the car not start, it's also not really electric. GM got massive government subsidies while covering up the fact that its gas power backup is actually more than a backup - it's on when the battery is low and when the car travels at highway speeds. Glenn has more on radio today.Stephen Lerner doubles down: this is our moment!No one in the press feels the need to question Lerner on his economic terrorism plot against the United States, but they sure are happy to let him spew his anti-American propaganda in fabulous op-ed columns! Is Lerner backing off his desire to crash the U.S. stock market and in turn the economy? Or is he doubling down? One guess what this radical union thug is doing...find out HERE. Ayers & Dohrn fantasize about one world government (video)This tender, loving, radical couple has been revolting for decades now. For a guy who allegedly has no connection to the President whatsoever, he seems to be a highly sought after speaker. The former domestic terrorists took questions and lovingly wax poetic about the possibility of a one world government system. Those crazy kids will never stop the craziness! STORYObama to address high energy pricesIf he was consistent he'd declare mission accomplished because he's 'necessarily' skyrocketed energy prices. But he's not, so he's going to pretend he's concerned while blaming the oil companies. Obama's solution? Cut back oil imports and tell Americans to 'decrease consumption' of oil and burn more food for fuel (ethanol). Glenn explains how truly horrific these 'solutions' are on radio today. Pulled from TV!I recently produced a 60-second "political" television commercial that a major network and cable provider refused to air. What exactly could be so offensive that it would cause networks like Fox and even the folks at DirecTV to pull this off the air? It's a scary situation and I'll let you decide for yourself whether or not you think this information should be made public. You can get the full story HERE.Sponsor Message Now Playing on Insider Extreme:Today SE Cupp sat down for an interview with infamous political strategist Roger Stone, the man the Weekly Standard aptly dubbed the “lord of political mischief”. Speaking candidly, Stone, who is a close personal friend of Donald Trump, discussed Trump’s recent flirtation with the birther movement and what it means about the Donald’s plans for a possible 2012 presidential candidacy. Is Trump’s new passion for the president’s birth certificate a calculated political move? Or is this a genuine issue that concerns the host of The Apprentice? Check out Stone’s surprising answer with today’s FREE video clip HERE! PLUS Czar-at-Large Brian Sack highlights the real 'most important' stories of the week – Insider Extreme members can watch this week’s episode in the specials tab. Don’t miss out – get Insider Extreme today.More Trump: Stu considers what a Trump presidency might look like in his latest blog. It's a deeply thought-out checklist - check it out HERE.Chuck Schumer microphone failSenator Schumer didn't realize the microphone was live and that reporters could hear when he explained how 'the caucus' instructed him to always use the word 'extreme' when talking about the Tea Party in order to marginalize them. Undeterred Democrats conduct the press call anyway and still use the word 'extreme' several times. Glenn has audio and reaction on radio today.Not bikini pictures: By popular demand, here are the non-bikini pictures of Glenn Beck from his recent tour stop in Texas over the weekend. View them HERE. Plus Glenn and the crew will be hitting the road again starting next Friday for an entire week - find out if he is coming to a city near you and get your tickets HERE. TV Tonight: Is this generation the modern day Alamo? Don't miss Glenn tonight at 5pm only on Fox News!

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