Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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March 29, 2011 On Today's Program Iran believes unrest means Islamic Messiah is nearIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeatedly said he is trying to hasten the return of the 12th Imam, and the only way to do that is through chaos. That's why they believe that the current unrest is a sign that the time is near. Why should that scare the pants off of everyone else who doesn't believe in the same things Iran does? The man who uncovered yesterday's shocking Iranian video, CBN reporter Erick Stakelbeck, gives the disturbing answer and more in an interview on radio today. Get all the details at's Libya speechPresident Obama finally addressed the nation on what the administration is calling a kinetic military action in Libya and the speech isn't getting rave reviews. Especially from the Associated Press who tore apart Obama's speech with this lengthy fact checking report. Get the full report from The Blaze, and get Glenn's commentary on the speech from radio today.Pastor burns Koran, radical Muslims respond by killing 2 ChristiansAt least two Christians have been killed and multiple churches have been attacked in Pakistan in response to a Koran-burning ceremony in Florida last week. This occurred despite the pastors of the victimized churches being outspoken critics of those burning the Koran. Get the full story from The Blaze.Obama: illegals doing 'all the right things' won't be deportedThe illegal immigration problem is so out of control that illegals actually have the nerve to directly confront the President of the United States and complain that they are getting harassed too much for being illegal. How did the President respond? By congratulating the illegal immigrant for 'doing all the right things' and pimping the Dream Act. Glenn has the audio and response on radio today. Exclusive Glenn Photos: Thankfully they are not bikini pictures. The only place to get the photos of Glenn's visit to the Alamo is right HERE. Plus, did Glenn fall off the wagon? Check out the photos and see for yourself. Don't miss Glenn on the road again beginning next Friday as he travels all across America for his brand new comedy tour...Find out if he is coming to your city HERE.Finding Hope with MILES TO GORichard Paul Evans, #1 New York Times bestselling author and one of Glenn’s favorite writers, is about to release the second installment of The Walk series – Miles to Go. His latest book will be released on April 5th and will continue to follow the physical and spiritual journey of a broken man who walks across America in search of hope. The people he meets along the way and the lessons they share with him will save his life and inspire yours. Watch the new trailer HERE.Obama aide credits the Prez for Libyans' uprisingSamantha Power, a former news reporter and White House aide (and wife of Cass Sunstein), has said that Obama's speeches on human rights over the last two years have sparked the uprisings in Libya and throughout the Middle East. Read the full story HERE. Fatty Five Challenge: A possible investment...a chance to travel...and the potential to lose a kidney - The Fatty Five Weight Loss Challenge. You in? Get the details in Stu's latest blog. Follow Stu on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest updates.Today’s 4th Hour: Ever heard of a Chinese ghost city? Stu explains how it's shocking proof that communism doesn't work. Insider Extreme members can hear about it on today's 4th Hour!LAST CHANCE to snag a trip to NYC to meet Glenn, watch a portion of the radio show and more! Last day to enter is TONIGHT at midnight. Good luck! TV Tonight: Is the administration on the right side? Glenn stands with Israel - Don't miss tonight's show on Fox News at 5pm!

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