Sunday, September 14, 2014

34 Cuban-Trained Belizean Doctors Return Home

Todos los testimonios son partes de la misma propaganda castrista, pero este, en particular, demuestra la mostruosidad del modelo del regimen de Castro, que manda sus medicos, como obra esclava, al exterior y en el interior utiliza a estudiantes del exterior para atender a los pobres cubanos....... Y ellos (los estudiantes) ni siquiera se dan cuenta del horror de ese modelo que quieren llevar a sus paises.
Uldine Wright, Practicing Medical Doctor
"I must say that it was a great experience. I don't think I could have gotten what I got in Cuba anywhere else. The experience that I got is remarkable. I had a lot of clinical experiences. We were given a lot of responsibilities. Ever since the third year we were dealing with patients, we were responsible for patients conduct, management and everything and we were under supervise training, but it was really good. Whatever you put into it that's what you get out of it. I am for the development for the medical services here in Belize because we came from Cuba in which there is a medical office in almost every block and so we are used to having the doctors available for every patient and that's something that Belize needs because there are lots of remote areas that don't have access to medical healthcare as easy as is in Cuba."
Mr. John Waight, Coordinator, Medical Internship Program "It is design primarily to help reestablish and relocate Belizeans who have been trained in Cuba through the good offices of the Cubs/Belize agreement to relocate and train these young doctors for work in our settings given that there are diff…

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