Thursday, February 19, 2015

Americans May See Appeal of Medical Tourism in Cuba

Bueno, esto lo vi venir desde los 90. Recuerdo que el esposo de Silvia Wilhelm, la que Christ Simmons llamo agente de Castro, era su negocio y esto mismo pretendian. Lo curioso de este extenso articulo del NYT es la historia del cortador de yerba canadiense McBain que dice que la fisioterapia en Cuba le cuesta mas barato, a lo que pregunto: Canada no tiene medicina gratis?.......
But for now, the most popular destinations for Americans who travel abroad for health care are Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel, Singapore and Costa Rica, according to a study by the Medical Tourism Association. It found that some of the most common procedures included spinal, weight-loss and cosmetic surgery, and cancer treatment.
Ms. Agrawal said she had been speaking to a Cuban health care facility for months, anticipating an eventual opening between the two countries.
“In terms of being a viable destination, what was holding it back, of course, was the travel restrictions and embargo,” she said of Cuba. “Now, with some of that opening up, they’ve got extremely good health care. They’re very close in terms of travel.”
Unlike Americans, Canadians do not have travel restrictions, and Cuba is a popular vacation destination; many Canadians travel there for health care as well.
David McBain, 47, a Toronto landscaper who fractured his spine in a car accident, went to Cuba three times last year for extensive physical therapy.
“The physiotherapists and the doctors are extremely knowledgeable and well trained in Cuba, and you just can’t beat the price,” Mr. McBain said. “The price is a fraction of what it would be in Canada or the U.S. for a therapist.”
As the Obama administration chips away at the economic isolation of Cuba, the medical tourism industry is among those trying to figure out what the easing of tension will mean for them.

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