Friday, February 10, 2012

Glen Beck al dia (Ingles)

Tonight on GBTV: Another government attack against religion! Under a ban, NYC churches will no longer be able to rent public school space for worship services. Local religious leaders react to a law that could establish a precedent for the rest of the country. Tonight at 5pm on GBTV.
Real News: SE Cupp reports on all the big stories breaking out from CPAC. The panel will also discuss the pros and cons of fracking. See those and other stories missed by the mainstream media tonight at 7pm ET on Real News.

Michelle Obama demeans troops: eat your veggies

Most people understand that America's soldiers are obviously some of the most physically fit people in the entire country. Their lives are actually dependent on skill derived from vigorous training and physical conditioning. But that didn't stop our fearless First Lady from marching into the mess hall and talking to America's best like a bunch of 6-year-old kids who won't eat their carrots. Could you imagine having the gall to tell any adult, let alone our soldiers who are out risking life and limb -- what to eat? Glenn reacts on radio today.

Obama concedes, but not really

Obama comes out with a statement about the contraception controversy and the press reacts by saying Obama has backed off his contraception policy. Glenn reads the statement on the air and when you listen to the words it doesn't sound like a concession at all. Glenn reacts and further explains the great lengths this administration will go to push abortion or 'women's rights' as they affectionately call the murder of the unborn. For starters - find out which country the Obama administration spent $61 million in to help get legalized abortion written into their new constitution. WATCH

Why are social issues being pushed to the forefront?

George Stephanopoulos fired the first shot with a random question about contraceptives in a Jan 7th debate. Just a few days later on Jan 20th Obama admin riles up Catholics with the contraception clause. Now all the debate in the presidential race is suddenly social - contraceptives, Planned Parenthood (the media goes crazy over a billion dollar org losing .00025% of its funding), women on the front lines of battle. Wait, wasn't the economy the most important issue? It's almost like this is by design...Glenn reacts.

Planned Parenthood was created by genocidal maniacs:

Michelle Malkin reminds America of Planned Parenthood's evil roots in eugenics and racism. READ

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Being George Washington Challenge
Didn't know Washington was a man of faith? Were you taught otherwise in school? Glenn took a closer look with David Barton last night on GBTV – WATCH. For the month of February, Glenn is issuing a new challenge to himself and to you - FAITH. Get all the details on February's challenge and a recap from January's challenge HERE.

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